Tuesday, 19 July 2016

A comfy stay in the valleys of Bhimtal

Bhimtal is a scenic place that is famous for the Bhimtal Lake that has an aquarium in the middle, which is abundant in marine life. You can enjoy boating in this lake.

Bhimtal is a peaceful and serene place frequented by the people who plan a quiet getaway from the hubbub of the city. Bhimtal is pollution free and has the quality to snare the tourists. There are many resorts and hotels in Bhimtal encircling the Lake. At night, the lights from these hotels play a mystical game on the water of the Lake. You can observe it from the balcony as most of the hotels in bhimtal, Uttarakhand have the rooms that have balconies that unbolt towards the Lake. You can select from an economic class hotel or the cosy and comfy 5 star hotel.

Hotels in Bhimtal, Uttarakhand attends to the comfort of the guests and the rooms are tastefully decorated with attached bathrooms with modern amenities like the Wi-Fi, television, intercom, DVD, hot/cold water, heaters and air-conditioner. Some hotels have a library, gym and yoga centre for their guests. Delicious cuisine is served in the banquet halls. You can travel with your pets as some hotels are pet friendly.

Explore the tranquil beauty of Nainital

Nainital and bhimtal are located nearby; hence people who are visiting bhimtal should certainly add this wonderful hill station, Nainital in their list. The primary tourist attraction of Nainital is the Naini Lake. This charming lake is surrounded by the lush green forest. To enjoy the relaxing time, people can select one of the best budget hotels in Nainital near lake. The rooms of these hotels will lend the scenic view of the lake. People, who are having the keen interest in photography, can click the amazing views from the hotel!

So, get ready to enjoy your vacation time in the lap of Mother Nature and make the beautiful memories either with your friends or family.

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

A Journey on Discovering Bhimtal

Bhimtal is a small town in the district of nainital, uttarakhand state. This place is situated at an altitude of 1370 meters above the sea level. This is a beautiful place with wonderful locations. In bhimtal we find many sightseeing places and it is a splendid opportunity. Tourists can also plan for a holiday in Nainital after a visit to Bhimtal.

This is a hill station filled with natural resources. There is a famous temple to visit here. This attracts the tourists, fills the joy and fun which makes their journey memorable.

The headquarters of Bhimtal:
The tourist spot “Bhimtal” is also known for its district headquarters. All the administrative offices are shifted to the newly constructed complex in bhimtal. It is named as vikas bhawan. This is only dedicated to administrative work. There in an ancient temple named after BhÄ«ma of Mahabharata as “Bhimeshwara Temple”.

Tourist places:
Bhimtal is a famous tourist spot. In the district, there are many attractions that are visited by the tourists every year. The climate is quite cool here. This attracts the travelers to visit in the summer vacations. This is a place for whole family to visit and enjoy during their vacations.

Places of interest to visit:
There are many tourist places here. The lake is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Bhimtal. The temple is another one where thepeople feel divine. The natural beauty is an added charm. There is a famous palace of king Nala on banks of lake. The lake offers extra elegance and charm. It is considered as divine. The thick forest and the hidimba parvat surround the lake which makes view breathing.

There are a number of resorts which offers different packages for its tourist coming to Bhimtal. There are well furnished rooms with luxury classy interiors. Most of the hotels in Bhimtal here have splendid interiors and the tourists can choose from various cuisines.

All such places in and around Bhimtal make this place the most favorite among the holiday spots in India.

Monday, 13 July 2015

Resorts in Nainital and Bhimtal – A Great Option for Nature Admirers

Nainital is a well known tourist location in Uttarakhand. It is an ideal choice to spend your holidays especially the summer holidays as this beautiful hill station provides you a pleasant climate during summer. It is a perfect choice for everyone right from individuals, families or couples to spend their holidays. Surrounded by great mountains and lakes, Nainital offers you beautiful locations that are quite natural. As a well known tourist spot you never have to think about your staying accommodation for the place offers you lodgings that come with all the facilities.

Nainital resorts are built amongst beautiful locations and you can enjoy a very pleasant atmosphere and picturesque sceneries while staying at the nainital resorts. Not only the resorts you can also opt to stay at the hotels which range from luxury to budget hotels basing on your affordability. You can find good accommodation facilities and varieties of food items to taste. You can feel relaxed and enjoy your day spent at one of the Nainital resort.

Being one of the popular tourist attractions from Northern India you never need to think of accommodation facilities. If you come to this place as a part of tourist package then everything is taken care by the agencies and you can simply enjoy your stay at Nainital by viewing the sightseeing trips that are really quite eye catching and worth of your time.

Bhimtal another hill station which is near to Nainital is one of the famous tourist attractions that people opt to look for. There are also resorts in bhimtal that are built amongst calm and serene surroundings that give you a feeling of satisfaction and pleasure by staying at these resorts.

Resorts in Bhimtal come with all the facilities to make your stay comfortable and memorable. Bhimtal is well known for the lake Bhimtal which is of a great historic importance. It is said that Bhima one of the brother of pancha pandavas of Mahabharata took a dip in this lake after killing Kichaka.   Having such an historic importance along with beautiful scenic views and sightseeing attractions made Bhimtal a major tourist attraction.